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About Us

Lignea 012

Renewed expertise and craftsmanship are the pillars of the Company.

Founded in 2012 as a modern and versatile company, Lignea 012 is a product of a tradition that found its origin in 1957 when was founded the family company: an artisan workshop, dedicated to the production of wooden items tailored

In original specialised in furniture of interiors such as wardrobes, chest of drawers, cupboards and bedrooms, Lignea 012 expanded their expertise in the field of windows, fixture, doors and doorway.

Flexibility, the use of precious solid woods or laminated, customising templates, shapes, finishes and accessories, confer to the products an exclusive character.


On-Demand Designs

The essence of on-demand designs is creativity. Thanks to our artisan production it is possible to obtain a high-level of quality and design. Beginning from the study of the best of solutions, through to the application of highly innovative and functional elements, we guarantee that you will exploit your space to the highest.  

Front Doors

Just like all our products, even our front doors are specifically designed to suit your taste and needs. The choice of style is almost never-ending and the high-standard security features make it not only an element of design, but also of safety. From its design, to its essence and details, nothing in our main-doors is standard, making each piece unique.  

Window Frames

Windows are not simply an important structural component: they create a precious environment. Our windows are designed to suit any need, ranging from casement to sliding, from awning to bow. Quality, functionality and durability are some of the characteristics that ensure a sturdy product: double and triple gaskets, completely boxed hardware and guaranteed lacquering. Only prime quality material is used, whether full or clad wood, varnished by waterproof paint or lacquer. To make it a unique product, shape size and all other features can be entirely personalized, guaranteeing design, security and privacy.  

Internal Doors 

Internal doors are an important feature of a house's furnishings. All types of doors can be designed, whether inward/outward opening or sliding. Essence and production are taken care of to the finest of details. The high level of quality and exclusivity are guaranteed by the possibility to incorporate features such as lead-light windows, leathering, contemporary materials and style.

Custom-Built Furniture

Exclusive and of superior quality, custom-built furniture allows you to combine design and functionality according to space, taste and need. The result obtained is a solid, inimitable and finely detailed product.  



Via Roma 62,

22070, Senna Comasco (CO)


Tel: +39 320 965 2487


Thanks for contact us.

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